Tuesday, 28 April 2015

How To Apply For A Duplicate Ration Card

Ration card is a very important document to hold. It can be a livesaver at times of need for many people. Many things can be bought at very cheap prices using it. It also serves as a valid address proof and identity proof in some official documents. Which is why it should not be kept
recklessly but instead we should carefully store it someplace safe.
But it is not inevitable that your Ration card may get damaged or lost because of some reason. In that case you can create a duplicate of your Ration card. And it is not a difficult task as well. You just need to follow a certain procedure to acquire a duplicate of your Ration card.

How to make a duplicate Ration card

First of all, you will need to find the either one of the three mentioned below whose jurisdiction you are under.

  • Office of District Food and Supplies Controller(DFSC)
  • Inspector of Food Supplies (IFS)
  • Assistant Food and Supplies Officer (AFSO)

Here are the documents required for the application of a duplicate Ration Card
  • Depot Holder's report along with 2 copies of challan(Rs. 5 penalty fee)
  • Two photographs each of every member of the family

Then you have to follow the procedure mentioned below

  1. Get the D-I form. This form is the one that is required for the application for duplicate Ration Card. For your ease, we have uploaded the form in PDF format here. You will just need to print it.
  2. Fill the form. Make sure you have a group photo as well as it will be needed. It will also be attested by a gazetted officer.
  3. Get the Form verified by the closest Fair Price Shop(FPS). Make sure they write the last Ration transaction as well as the units bought on top of the form. It is mandatory. After this submit the form in the office mentioned above
  4. After the submission of the form, a slip will be given for acknowledgement mentioning to collect the ration card at a specified date along with the fees required to be paid

After you complete the procedure you need to go the the office where you submitted the form along with your slip and the fees to be paid. You will need to show your slip to get the issued duplicate Ration Card. This process usually takes about 2 weeks, but may take more if there are holidays in between or any official event that is to be held.

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