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How To Apply For AADHAR Card?

How To Apply For AADHAR Card?

How to get AADHAAR Card?

These days AADHAAR Card ( आधार कार्ड ) is an important identity card for the citizens of India. One must have this card in order to avail many services by the government or private firms which requires identity verification. You can use it to get driving license, passport, ration card, bank account etc.
This is card is under the budget of central government and is completely free. One should not pay to anyone if asked for making aadhar card for you. Now there are many agents offering that you can get this card by just paying an amount per card, mostly ranging from Rs. 50 to Rs. 400 but you should not pay them and report to the police if anyone asking you money for the card.

How To Apply For AADHAR Card:

The first thing you need to know that AADHAR Card (ई आधार कार्ड) cannot be applied online as it requires biometric data like fingerprints, retina scan and your photo. You can only get an appointment date on the web, for authorised enrolment centers. To apply with/ without online arrangement, you need to physically go to the enrolment office. To know how to do registration click here : AADHAAR Card Registration Process.

Online arrangement for AADHAAR card Enrollment has been begun on a trial premise at chose Enrolment Centers. If it's not too much trouble note that not all offices have online arrangement office. On the off chance that your area is not recorded in the online arrangement application site, you will need to apply physically at any nearby UIDAI card focus. 

You can walkin to any close-by AADHAAR card office, without earlier arrangement to your UIDAI card. 

To book AADHAAR UIDAI card arrangement online click here: Appointment for AADHAAR Enrollment on the web

To contact close-by AADHAAR card enrolment office click here: Locate Nearby AADHAR Card Centers. 

To download AADHAR card application structure online click here: AADHAAR Card Application Form Download

Documents needed to request/enrol for AADHAAR card click here: AADHAAR Card Documents Required.

Soon we will be giving you more details regarding this card and it's procedure. Learn how to download your AADHAR Card and check your ( आधार कार्ड ) AADHAAR Card status.
For downloading your UIDAI card: E-AADHAAR CARD Download

aadhar card

What is Aadhaar Card?

Aadhar Card: It is a type of identity card having 12 digit number and it will be issued to the citizens by UIDAI. It helps to have unique identification to each and every person in the country. After applying for this Aadhaar, UIDAI will provide unique card for every individual who enrols for it. All the operations will be controlled by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

All the necessary information will be gathered from the individuals like Biometrics which includes Photograph, Finger Prints scan, Iris scan to create unique identity of an Individual. Each and every member of the family will get Aadhaar Unique ID number. The number printed on Aadhar card can be used either online or offline. Using this 12 digit unique number, it is possible to fetch the records or details of the particular individual that are further used up for verification of identity.

It is accepted anywhere in the country because it was prepared by taking the biometrics of the individual. Poor people will get benefited with this card than normal one. This Aadhaar card can be used as a proof of identity while opening a bank account, in passport verification, booking e tickets etc. In one phrase, it is the simplest way to describe ones identity.

The validity of this card is life time. The one who applied for it will get benefited with the terms fixed by UIDAI. In future, having this card will make digital life easier. This card will be issued to individuals for free of cost.

Download Aadhaar Card Online

AADHAAR Card has become the most important document for all Indian citizens and you can download aadhaar card online if you have already done your biometrics with a local enrolment centre.

Download Aadhaar Card Online

AADHAR Card download duplicate copy online as given in above image if you fill it correctly and click on validate & download you will be able to get your copy and print aadhar card.
UID card is a twelve digit number that is issued to only Indian residents. UID card enables the central database to store the demographic and biometric information of an individual which is his Aadhar. The photograph of an individual is present in UID card. UID card also has the individual’s fingerprints.

aadhaar card UID

UID card is offers to all Indian citizens by Unique Identification Authority of India. It is the Planning Commission of India’s initiative in order to offer UID card. UIDAI came into being on 6th December 2006 and thus, UID card system started. Every UID card is the responsibility of the Chairperson of UIDAI and the Planning Commission of India.

UID Card: At A Glance

It's prime function to save an individual from false identity crises and duplicity, which is a common thing to happen in private information and government database. One should remember that Aadhar card is issued without any kind of discrimination in terms of an individual’s caste, geography, creed and religion.

Various Benefits Of Aadhaar Card

Aadhar card is highly beneficial to have because with Aadhaar UID, UIDAI is collaborating with public and private sectors. This means that with enrollment Aadhar projects and Aadhar retails are under process throughout India. For all Aadhar projects and Aadhar retails, a Registrar is assigned by UIDAI in order to help individuals in enrolling for their Aadhar. This means that all telecom sectors, state banks and PSUs today have Aadhar projects and Aadhar retails.

AADHAAR Card Online Download

Since Aadhar offers identity to an individual, thus there is no longer requirement to check for Customer Identity at various levels. No matter if it is a private body or a public institution, Aadhar is enough to prove identity as Aadhar card has unique identity for every person. This is the result that at different levels one need not have identification documents one who have it. Not only the companies can relax thanks to Aadhar card, but Aadhaar UID gives citizens of India also a stress free life by helping them proof their identity with only a 12 digit number for driving license, passport, address proof etc.

It is very simple to get Aadhaar UID. There is a process of verification that any Indian can go through to get Aadhaar UID.

How Aadhaar UID Gets Issued?

Aadhaar UID can be issued to any citizen of India. One should note that it is not compulsory to have Aadhaar UID. In order to know more about Aadhaar UID, one can log on to the official website of UIDAI where the project Aadhaar UID is mentioned in details along with the process of issuing Aadhar.

Just fill a form for enrollment to Aadhaar UID along with your IRIS, fingerprints, photographs and all required records. Aadhaar UID will be issued to you in a couple of months’ time from enrolment.

Aadhar Online Registration

Aadhar registration is required if one wants to avail the benefits of Adhaar number. Getting Aadhar registration done is a very simple procedure. One can do Aadhar online registration other than getting it through media, which has been given by the UIDAI for helping residents of India in finding the form. Moreover, one can find Aadhar registration forms at the various enrollment camps held all over the country.

AADHAR Card online registration

For Aadhar online registration, one has to download the application form online visiting their official link. There are some documents that one needs to submit for Aadhar registration. One can either provide these details in person to the Enrollment Camp heads or if one is doing Aadhar card download online registration, the details needs to be scanned and forwarded through email. One also needs to attach his photograph with the email for online registration. One needs to provide IRIS and fingerprints along with biometric details while applying for Aadhar and as these details are provided, it takes almost 20 days to 30 days to finally get the Aadhar cards or you can got to check my aadhar card. Also you can download aadhaar card copy if necessary. Registration can be done at the Enrollment camp too as you get in person your biometrics and then apply for the UID card there and then.

Thus, even after doing Aadhar online registration, one can get a unique identity for self within a month’s time frame and thereafter there is no need to carry innumerous identity proofs like bank details, driving license, passport etc to prove one’s identity.

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