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Check Status Of Aadhaar Card Link With LPG & Bank

This simple guide helps you check the Status of Aadhaar Card link with LPG services and your Bank

Aadhaar Card is now being applied to every government service you can find. Recently this linking applied to your LPG gas connection and Bank account.
We covered how to link the Aadhaar Card with LPG services and Bank in our previous post.

Now we will show you how to check the status of your Aadhaar Card link with these services through various methods.

Aadhaar Card Link Status For Indane Gas

Indane oil gas aadhaar link status

  1. First go to the Indane Gas Service Aadhar link check website here.
  2. Now depending on the which search you would like to choose from Normal and Quick, fill in the relevant details
  3. Click on proceed to check your Aadhaar link status for Indane Gas

You can also check your status via SMS using your Registered Mobile No.


Aadhaar Card Link Status For HP Gas

aadhaar link status for Hp gas

  1. Go to the HP Gas Aadhar link status check site here.
  2. Enter the relevant details in the search.
  3. Click on proceed to check Aadhaar link status for HP gas.

Aadhaar Card Link Status For Bharat Gas

check aadhaar link status for Bharat Gas
  1. Go to the Bharat Gas Aadhar Link status website here.
  2. Add the required details
  3. Click on Proceed to check Aadhaar Card link status for Bharat Gas.

Check Aadhaar Card link status for Banks

There is currently no portal sites for any Bank to check the Aadhar card link status for banks. But you can do the following to check for the status indirectly.

  • Contacting the Branch Concerened
  • Calling the customer care centre for the Bank
  • Dial *99*99# and then enter you Aadhaar No, It will show the bank name if the Link has been complete.

Have any problems? Sound them off in the Comments section!


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