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PAN Card Correction Guide

This guide details for updating or correcting information of your PAN card through online methods or by post PAN card is a very useful item for everyone, bringing the most benefit to people in the commerce sector. It is also helpful in various online services like Paypal that allow international transactions in a very easy manner. There are certain cases when people have received PAN cards with incorrect information, which can cause

How To Apply For A Duplicate Ration Card

Ration card is a very important document to hold. It can be a livesaver at times of need for many people. Many things can be bought at very cheap prices using it. It also serves as a valid address proof and identity proof in some official documents. Which is why it should not be kept

DigiLocker: An Aadhaar Powered Online Government Portal For Documents

The DigiLocker Service in now in Beta and is a powerful tool that can be used to store your precious documents online.

Aadhaar Card Online Appointment Guide

This guide gives you steps to make an online appointment for Enrollment for Aadhaar Card. Aadhaar Card is starting to gain a lot of traction thanks to the government. It is soon going to replace most proofs for easiness in various government tasks. If you missed your chance of making and Aadhaar Card, you can make an appointment for your enrollment in

Check Status Of Aadhaar Card Link With LPG & Bank

This simple guide helps you check the Status of Aadhaar Card link with LPG services and your Bank Aadhaar Card is now being applied to every government service you can find. Recently this linking applied to your LPG gas connection and Bank account.

Aadhaar Card Missing Detail Addition Guide

This guide deals with the Adding of missing details on your Aadhaar Card. Many people who have created Aadhaar in the very first round didn't know of what the Aadhaar Card will do. Which is why many people didn't add some information on it.

Aadhaar Card Correction By Post (Offline Correction)

This guide helps you to change information in your Aadhaar Card via Post Aadhaar Card has become very important all of a sudden. This fast push of Aadhaar card by the government has led to a very huge rush by the officials and the citizens. Long lines were formed around the centres in the beginning and there still are people applying for

Voter ID Card Online Status Guide

Voter ID card online status: How to check for Voter ID card Status Online Voter ID card is a really necessary thing nowadays. This gives people the power to vote for the leaders they deem fit to govern the country. But unfortunately there are times when it takes too long to make a Voter ID card and it's verification.

Voter ID Card Online Registration Guide

Voter ID card online registration: How to apply for Voter Id for different states. Nowadays people are getting more and more aware about the elections and the voting turnout has increased these elections. Some people might have missed the chance to vote this time or some people are going to turn