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Eight Ways In Which Electric Skateboards Make Your Everyday Commute Better

Skip the automobile and instead ride an electric skateboard to work. We've tried a wide variety of boards, and they all have their merits.

In light of this, the electric skateboard is the preferred mode of transportation for the editors. The Exway is the best board for commuting because of its robust hub wheels and exceptional braking. We recommend the Exway X1 for your daily commute for the following eight reasons:

To begin with, you will look forward to your commute if you take your morning coffee outside rather than in the confines of your automobile as you navigate the city. You'll be smiling the whole way to work thanks to the pleasant breezes and easy motion of the street.

Electric skateboard

2) City traffic is a thing of the past; no longer will you have to wait in a long, noisy queue of cars. People in cars will be jealous as you make your way to work. On your way to work, you can enjoy the outdoors while shredding on your electric board and it will put a smile on your face.

Thirdly, you can cut down on your petrol costs. Put away your calculator, you won't need it here. If you're looking for a vehicle that uses the least amount of power possible, look no further than an electric skateboard. Don't waste money at the gas station; go electric instead. For very little money, you may charge your board, and with the X1's 10-mile range, you can rest assured that you'll arrive at your workplace with plenty of time to spare.

4.) Take a walk. A ride on an electric skateboard requires a lot more effort than you may expect. You need to keep your concentration and equilibrium in check at all times while making your way to work. Not only will riding an electric skateboard sharpen your senses, but after a few miles of road under your belt, you'll arrive at work feeling revitalised and ready to go. Never lose your edge and learn to ride defensively.

Five) There will be no longer be any parking lots or parking passes required. Parking is a pain, so once you get at work in your Exway, all you have to do is grab it and stroll inside the building. Exway's electric skateboard is the lightest in its class, making it easy to transport wherever you go. The X1's low profile means it may be placed next to your chair without interfering with your coworkers' workstation setups. Keep them wondering and envious... Where did this guy from who rides a skateboard to work come from?

Six) Bringing your shredder to the office is a fantastic way to get in shape for ski and snowboard season. Your Exway will become increasingly visible in the snow as you rack up more miles. You won't need to acclimate to the mountain again since it's as if you never left. In addition, the core strength you develop when skating electric will carry over to your other sports.

Seven) Maintain your independence with regard to time management. There will be no need to check bus schedules or estimate travel times to and from work. An electric skateboard makes travel much more reliable and convenient. With the X1, you have the best "final mile" option if your commute is really long. Even if you're already late for work, you can still make a grand entrance by carrying an Exway Board.

8) Riding an electric skateboard to and from work is a fantastic conversation starter on your daily commute. An electric skateboard adds a new dimension to the thrill of skating. If you can get your loved ones to join in, they will not be able to stop talking about it.

Just do it because if these eight reasons aren't enough for you. Honestly, I've never had such much JOY!


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