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UP Bhulekh Khatoni Khasra Verification 2019-2020 । भूलेख खतौनी उत्तर प्रदेश

BHULEKH Uttar Pradesh. Check Your Land Record. UP Khasra Khatauni Online Verification (All District in UP) and Map in India.
It is really complex to know the land records online and check them. Here at we have tried to simplify thing for you. Uttar Pradesh bhulekh record can be downloaded from below given method.
Name of Post: Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh,Khasra,Khatoni, Verification 2019, 2018
Post Date: 27-03-2019 | 08:32 PM
Post Update Date: 09 August 2016 | 11:10 AM
Brief Information: Uttar Pradesh candidates can Check their Bhulekh, Khasra, Khatoni Verification here 2015-2016. All the steps involved at UP Bhulekh gov are covered line by line.

Board of Revenue, Uttar Pradesh

Khasara, Khatauni Online Verification 2016


How to Verify Bhulekh

  • Step 1: See last row of this table
  • Step 2: Click on Verify Bhulekh Link
  • Step 3: Enter your District
  • Step 4: Enter your Tehsil 
  • Step 5: Enter your Village
  • or Enter your Khasara number if you have.
  • Step 7: Download or print your LAND record.

Check your Land Record

  • U.P Khasara , Khatauni Online Verification 2015-16 at up online website.

 Important Links

Verify My Bhulekh

Click Here

Detailed Guide on How to Use (भूलेख)

Number ONE:

Open the official website in your browser. On home page you will find many options like distric name, tehsil name, first letter of village name.
Something like this:
 जिले का नाम तहसील का नामग्राम का पहला अक्षर चुनेंग्राम का नाम

Do as it is shown in the image according to your need.  Click on Next (आगे).

Number TWO:

After clicking on आगे you will see a new page will load up as shown in the image below.

In this new page section of bhulekh up website first you will have to select the option to get the Khata Nakal (Land Records Account Copy). You have to select one option from खाते की नक़ल section. In this section you can select one options from the With Khasara Number (खसरा संख्या दवारा), With Khata Number (खाता संख्या दवारा) and With Owner Name (नाम दवारा). We are trying to show you the demo according to khata number or khasra number.

Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh

Number THREE:

In case you do not have Khasara Number (खसरा संख्या दवारा) or Khata Number (खाता संख्या दवारा) click on the option of “with owner name” (नाम दवारा ) in which you can get the option like below given demo. As many people do not know how to write name in hindi you can use virtual keyboard to write name. The below given image shows how to write in hindi language. You can only input in hindi to check the names.

Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh Khatoni, Khasra, Verification 2016

नाम के कुछ अक्षर भरें

Number FOUR:

So after using the method number two or number four as given above you will have to click on the button of “उध्दरण देखें”. This option will give you khata (खाता) details as shown in the image with all the useful information you need. If you find the correct information you can also take its print out as per your requirement. If you need to check other bhulekh (भूलेख) information just click on the homepage button on the top right corner and follow the steps again.

भूलेख खतौनी उत्तर प्रदेश

The above will surely get you the desired result from the govt land record information system at
As per some information No. of Plots‎ are ‎54253470, No. of Tenants‎ are ‎31846037 and No. of Khatiyans‎ are‎14506861 in number in Odisha (Orissa).

Some other Bhulekh All India Websites

Bihar website:
Madhya Pradesh Mp Website:
Land Records Odisha Website for bhulekh orissa land records:

Important Bhulekh Points
It is operated by state government of the respective bhulekh site. 
The data provided is official and correct excluding any human mistakes.
Recent land purchases may not reflect correct data, it takes some time to update the land records after transaction and exchange of the land.
bhulekh land records e governance

If you need any help regarding "Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh Khatoni, Khasra, Verification 2016 । भूलेख खतौनी उत्तर प्रदेश" you can always ask in the comments below. We will try to help you out as soon as possible on bhoolekh related information. 


  1. apka bahut bahut shukriya bhoolekh k baare m batane k liye. pehle mjhe samjh nai aa raha tha ki kkese check karein land records. ye tutorial dekhne k baad samjh aaya ki kya karna hai.

    1. Thanks you very much. If you need any help regarding this you can always comment your questions.

  2. I cannot see my bhulekh (land records) details online. Please help me.

    1. Please make sure you followed all the steps correctly and have given correct details while writing खसरा सँख्या or खाता सँख्या. If you still cannot find any records, I would recommend you to visit the concerning land records department in your district.

  3. Thanks for the information. Can you give info about Bihar bhulekh and Orissa bhoolekh.

  4. Bhulekhup k jankari k liye shukriye. Lekhpal se badhiya h online check karna bhoolekh k baare mein.

  5. lekhpal uponline.up.nic.in17 September 2016 at 11:27

    Sir I am unable to see my bhulekh record. I have followed the steps but I think the record is not online yet. Sir mjhe abhi internet pe zameen kaagzaat dekhna seekhna hai. wo kese karenge? Meri madad krne k liye dhnyawaad.

  6. www.bhulekh.up.nic.in17 September 2016 at 11:29

    zile ka naam nai dikha raha hai sir. aisa kese ho sakta hai?

  7. sir mera name sunita sharma w/o ramgopal sharma vill+post iklash nagar dabka sir mera khasra no.586 par galti se istikar naam ka loon chada diya hai ise katvane ki kripya kare dhanyavad.

  8. SULTANPUR UTTAR PRADESH ka bhu-naksha Kaise dekha jata hai please Batane ki kripa kare

  9. Good effort. This may be much more useful if weekly data Update done n data of recently consolidated village should be included n Update

  10. Data of village KANETHU BUJURG
    TAHSIL BHANPUR DISTT BASTI is not available. Please arrange to Update/ feed data of above mentioned village.

  11. humlog sarfarazganj lucknow mein rehtey hain.hume maloom karna hai ke hamara updated rashan card kaese banega? aor yahan jo raashan ki dukaaney haen wo bhi pata nahi chalti kb khulti ar kab bnd kar di jaati hi jiski wajah se hum nahi le paatey raashan in sab shikayaton ke liye kis se sampark kr sakty h please btaiye...

    1. Please ask ration related question on ration card post. This is for bhulekh related page. If you need and land record information, plots, khatiyans, tenants you can ask that here.

  12. how can i find my all property in up with separate name & Place

    1. You cannot get all lands detail at one place. You have to search one by one for all the land records by selecting the particular area where you own the land.

  13. Really useful information. I was searching for khotoni. My father do not know how to access land records information online on bhulekh up website. Thanks for the tutorial :)

  14. Bahut badhiya information diye hain aap land record check online karne k liye. Humne apni jameen dekh li hai. Bahut Dhanyawaad aapka.

  15. pl mention village- pure grip shah tahsil sadar dist- raebareli and update all records

    shivendra singh Raebareli

  16. Just want to know the land on bhulekh are all government approved. .i hope nothing fake

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. Is land on bhulekh approved by government. .i hope nothing fake
    How to check whether it is legal or not.

  19. hello,
    I purchased a plot in tigri gaon Noida near sector-63, I want to know how to trace khasra number and also wanted to know who is the owner of that khasra number. what to do?

  20. I am also confused. you have to ask an advocate. they will tell you the exact khasra number.


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