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Charitra Praman Patra Character Certificate Online

As you know now you can apply for your Character Certificate (Charitra Praman Patra) online. Earlier people face many problem in getting their character certificate, so Maharastra police decided to make it online.
In India you are required to prove you character by showing your character certificate. In hindi it is called charitra praman patra and in short form people say CC. This certificate is required in many places like in applying for jobs, interviews, in competitive exams and admissions. Government services like Police Clearance Services provide these certificates.

Now you do not need to be in big lines and wait hours for your turn. Here is how you can do this for application of Charitra Praman Patra Character Certificate Online Maharashtra:

Procedure to Login into PCS Online Application:

1. Enter the URL in address location bar.
2. The screen shown below is displayed.

Charitra Praman Patra Character Certificate PCS registration

3. Click on Registration link under login form.
4. Enter the Details of applicant.

PCS registration

5. Click on Submit Screen below will be displayed.

verification code

6. Click on OK message screen below will be displayed

Enter Verification code

7.Enter the verification code and Click on Verify screen below will be displayed

registration completed

8.Click on message ‘ok’ and screen below will be displayed

PCS mahaonline login

9.Enter Username and password. Screen Below will be displayed

character certificate profile

10.Click on Services tab on left hand side as shown in screen below and choose the service need to apply.

profile details

11. Click on (for example) "character certificate" screen below will be displayed

12. Enter Address Information and click on NEXT

Fill in address details

13.Enter Occupation/Education information and click on NEXT

Fill in educational occupational details

14.Enter General Information and click on Next

Fill in general details

15.Enter Police Station Information and click Next

Fill in police station information

16. Click on ‘SAVE’ and screen below will be displayed. Application Id is generated.

Application id generated and received

17.Click on ‘Ok’ screen below will be displayed

Upload photo and signature

18.Upload Photo and Signature

19.Upload Documents (Tick documents need to be uploaded) screen below will be displayed.

Upload required documents

20.Click on Save screen below will be displayed

save screen

21.Click on ‘Continue’ view the entire form by clicking on ‘NEXT’ and then click
on Proceed to Payment tab as shown in screen below

Make payment

22. Select payment mode for example Pay Online

23. Click on ‘Proceed to Payment’ pay fees and receipt below will be generated if payment successful.

Payment receipt generation

If you need to apply for character certificate of any other state please mention it in comment box below. We will try to help you out as soon as possible. These certificates are also provided by School or colleges, any gazetted officer, local councillor etc.

If you still face any problem you can always ask us in comments below.


  1. kindly give procedure for UP

  2. MEre 3 unit milta hai llekin mere 5 members hai unit badhane ke liye kyya karna hoga


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