Thursday, 1 October 2015

How to Apply for Passport Online | Application On

How to Apply for Passport Online

Visiting a passport office to obtain or submit an application might be a very tiring experience. There are long queues and it takes a lot of time to even obtain a form, imagine how difficult It would be to submit the application. There are lots of agents and brokers who do this job for a minimal fee.
But people, who cannot still afford such agents, can also do so through the internet.

Online Passport Application

Passport Website for Online Application

The Indian Government has also opened its website that provides all facilities and links of information pertaining to a passport. By logging into, one can obtain an online application form. The Indian Government permits application for new passport, re- issue of passport, or duplicate passport, by online forms.

There are particular jurisdiction areas that permit obtaining of the online application form; it is only from these respective offices online that passport form for that particular jurisdiction can be availed. Presently, the cities of Ahmadabad, Amritsar, Bangalore, Bhopal, Kolkata, Patna, Shimla, and many other Indian cities have this facility.

Filling Passport Instructions

After downloading the application it can be printed out and then duly filled and submitted to the nearest passport offices along with mentioned fee and documents. The forms can also be submitted at speed post centres, district post centres, and passport collection centres. Since it is an online application form there would be a date and time allotted for its submission, and thus must be submitted on that day only.

Before filling the form it is mandatory to read the instructions of filling up the form and also the instructions regarding documentation, all these must be strictly followed otherwise the officer in charge has all rights to reject an application form.

Online application for takal passports can also be made by mentioning in the online application form.

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