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Lost Pan Card? Apply For Duplicate Pan Card Online

PAN card has become a very essential component of today’s time. It is required when you join a new job, in opening a new bank account, in having mutual funds etc. and it tracks all our transactions very easily. It was introduced in 1961 and since then it has become an essential component of our day to day life.

lost pan card? reissue lost pan card application form online apply

If you have lost your PAN card or want a duplicate copy of it then there is very simple procedure. Two organisations which can help to get our PAN card back are UTI Investor services limited and National Securities Depository limited. One can download the form for getting a PAN card from these websites as well as the information brochure also. The form for the PAN card is known as 49A. You need to fill all the details correctly and then submit it.

If you don’t have the online access then you can go directly to the PAN card service centres and can get the hard copy of the form. If you have lost your PAN card then its better to lodge a FIR for future references. If you want to avoid all the trouble then you can go to any PAN card broker agency near your locality and get it done.

While applying for a duplicate PAN card you would be asked about your PAN card number which is very easy to find as it is present on your bank statement, Income Tax returns etc. You can fill in that form and submit it. It will take 2 to 3 weeks for the concerned authorities to send you the PAN card.

Important Things You Should Do

PAN card has become an indispensable part of one’s life. The PAN is not only crucial during innumerable verification processes, it also is an important component to help you exercise your financial freedom and involve into various financial transactions without much hassles. Whether it is about an investment opportunity or amount signing a hefty check, every financial transaction can be exercised without a glitch, if you own a PAN card.

Thus, it can be a panic state for someone who lose this crucial document and doesn’t have a hint whom to approach or how to get the lost card back?

How important is a PAN card?

PAN stands for Permanent Account Number. PAN consists of 10 alphanumeric digits and is important for the taxpayers. It is in the form of laminated card, consisting of your colored photograph and your PAN number.

PAN card is of utmost important if you are more inclined towards saving and investing your earned money. The investment can be of any form, whether opening a demat account for share trading, investing in mutual funds, ULIPs, opening an FD, etc. It will not be possible for you to effectively operate a bank account in India without owning a PAN card.

Not just this, PAN number is quoted for every transaction you make while traveling abroad, whether it is for paying hotel bills or for do shopping, a PAN comes handy. It also becomes really important to have a PAN card if you have plans to sell or buy an immovable. Obtaining even the smallest amount as loan from a bank without a PAN number is simply impossible. Thus, PAN is not just important for taxpayers; it adds comfort to the life of everyone who deals in money, in any form.

How to Recover the Lost PAN Card?

Due to its small size, there are possibilities that you can lose or have already lost your PAN card, if not kept securely. Thus, obtaining one becomes quite necessary as all your banking operations will be put on hold unless you recover your PAN card.

Losing a PAN card is quite a common scenario and thus, there is no need to get panic if you have lost one. The situation is still under your control and the following steps when taken carefully can help you get hold of a duplicate PAN card which works like your original one:

Visit the Nearest Police Station:

The first move is to give a visit to your local Police Station and lodge an FIR, stating that your PAN card has gone missing. If travelling overseas, ask someone in the country to do this for you.

Write to Income Tax Department

A request letter (to issue a duplicate card) is to be submitted to the Income Tax Department of India. The letter should contain all the possible details of your lost card and a copy of the FIR obtained should be attached along with the letter.

Fill and Submit PAN Card Application Form

Obtain a fresh PAN card application form and apply for a PAN all over again. You will have to again attach a copy of your obtained FIR and the required identity and address proofs.

Preventive and Helpful Tips

No doubt, the process of obtaining the card back can get on nerves as, you might have to visit the police station a couple of times. Also, the things can get worse if you do not have the PAN number with you.

Thus, its rightly said that “Prevention is Better than Cure.” Make sure that you keep your PAN card at a safe place and do regular checks. Also, make sure that you have at least 5 photocopies of your card at any given time.

These preventive measures can save you from bigger loss.
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