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Ration Card Online Registration

Ration Card is one of most important document for Indian people as it is used in many places. Rashan card is used for making of passport, pan card, availing scholarships and also sometimes in driving license. One must have ration card to complete government related procedures.

e ration card online registration

Mostly Indian people want to have information of being registered for the place where they live or have decided to live for some particular years. There are few steps for online registration of ration card. You are required to have a brand new ration card form and you have to fill that form along with some required documents like your address proof or NOC if you are a tenant. If you are the head of family then your income proof is required. After completion of confirmation process, you can go and collect your ration card at the rationing office. In the situation of damage of ration card, one can have a replacement of ration card registering again by having an official document of damage from FSO, depositing it in ration office. After that, fee is paid for ration card to get a new one. Hence you should follow these steps for online registration of ration card.

The most common steps for how to apply ration card online are as follows. If you want to apply online for ration card, download new application form for ration card from website. You have to fill it in right fashion. Forms online are to be filled by taking great care and sincerity. If you fill any wrong information in text boxes given, then it will save a wrong detail once it is submitted. Also, do not enter invalid inputs in the boxes. Hence, these are some guidelines, which you should follow to apply ration card online.

Some of the Important thing you should take care of :

  • Keep your ration card number in safe place.
  • Always check your ration card status.
  • Twice check your ration card application before submitting.
  • At government site do your ration card form download.
  • Keep all your documents at the time of ration card verification.
  • Fill well your ration card application form.
  • Do not apply for ration card if you already have one.
As I am a user of internet so I can apply ration card online. It is a mere wastage of time to go for offline mode as most people usually try online application for ration card. One can easily get online ration card application and you can give your details at the same time and submit your request. It will not take much time to process your request for online application for ration card but once request is given you cannot cancel online ration card application. So it will be better that you first think and then apply ration card online. There is no need to submit any documents as it will be done later on.

With apply ration card online I have seen so many people who have used this option as they find it easy to file online application for ration card. So if you are a news user then you will have to apply ration card online through internet only. With online ration card application you can file your application and you can get your card issued. Even if you lose it, there is no big problem as you can get a new card through your new online ration card application. People also offline option as they are comfortable with it and so it is one's choice as which option is better for them but online application for ration card is considered to be ideal option for people. Hence it depends upon your choice to avail option which is good for you.

Thus it can be concluded that through online application for ration card you can get your work done in a simpler manner as you can file your online ration card application at any time you want. So give some time to get your process complete and if you do not get it you can check its status through internet as what is the condition of your consumer card. So keeping in mind the above options you can apply ration card online if you find it easy as well as suitable for you. Hope you can find several advantages from online option that you go for.

So if you want to get your ration card fast please follow the above procedures. For any queries or help do comment below.


  1. Sir,
    i want digital ration card online registration for west bengal.
    please give me the actual link.

    1. West bengal government site does not provide facility to apply online for ration card as per my knowledge!

  2. Dear Sir,
    My Ration Card was misplaced in 2004 and i have registered a complaint for misplacing Ration card, I have FIR Copy.I have apply for ration card in 20015 department has issued us APL Ration Card.
    You are requested to please suggest me how can i apply for duplicate BPL Ration Card.


    1. First get your APL ration card deleted and then again apply for BPL.


  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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