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Aadhaar Card (आधार कार्ड)

All you need to know about Aadhaar Card (आधार कार्ड) and the various services it provides

Aadhar is the new initiative made for a universal and unique identification system. This program is meant to easy the various government processes by the usage of a singular ID for proof of Address, Identity etc.  uidai gov in aadhaar portal has many benefits. Find the FAQs few paragraphs below.

How To Apply For Aadhar Card

DigiLocker: An Aadhaar Powered Online Government Portal For Documents

AADHAAR Card Status | card status

AADHAAR Card Download (आधार कार्ड डाउनलोड)

aadhar card status


The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) was formed in 2009 by the Government of India to serve as a one-for-all Identification. Much like the social security number used in countries like USA. Till a law was passed, it was formed as an authority so that the plan can be moved forward for a universal ID.

The authority issues a unique identification number(or Aadhar Number) which is used to find various information about a person like biometrics and basic information from the UIDAI database.

aadhar card download

As of December 2014, 60 crore (600 million) have been enrolled into the Aadhar program and even more have ever since. The Narendra Modi government has set the goal of the 100 crore (1 billion) mark 'at the earliest'.

While various media have been used to showcase the advantages and how-tos of the program, some people are still bound to have problems considering the sheer mass of people this program is being run for. Which is why below are links to posts for all that is required to be known for Aadhar Cards:

How to Open E Aadhar Card Downloaded PDF File Password?

How to check my aadhar card downloaded online? what is the password for aadhaar card Download?

What is the Password for Aadhaar Card PDF File? So many persons are searching about my aadhaar card is password protected how to open? like this. We will say the answer & solution for this the funny thing is pdf file password is your area postal code (pin code). So many people are confusing and searching on web like how to remove password downloaded from online. For some security reasons it is password protected by uidai and you can open your downloaded online aadhaar card easily. 

Some ones using pdf password removers for removing aadhaar card password pdf file (but it is no need). Don’t confuse about this topic we will given full details below please read it first then you can know how to open your e-aadhaar card pdf file format.

How to open downloaded E - AADHAAR card pdf file?

Answer is just open the file PDF reader will ask for password type your area pincode in password field press enter aadhaar card pdf file will be opened.

Hindi: आधार कार्ड ओपन करने के लिए आप अपनी पीडीएफ़ फाइल खोले। उसमे फिर पासवर्ड मांगेगा। आपका पासवर्ड आपके एरिया का पिन कोड है। याद रहे ये वही पिन कोड है जो आपने आधार भरते समय एड्रेस प्रूफ के लिए दिया था।

How to remove aadhar card password?

You no need to remove your password just use your area pincode as a password in e-aadhaar card download file it will be open.

How to Print AADHAAR Card (आधार कार्ड) after downloading ?

After successful enrolment to the Aadhar Number, there are several processes before the individual can receive his/her Aadhar Number (Aadhar Card). Department of Posts, Govt of India is responsible for dispatching the Aadhar Card to the applicant. It normally takes 60 to 90 days to reach the applicant. E-Aadhar Card is the Digital Copy of your Aadhar Card. The E-Aadhar Card(Aadhar Card Print Out) is equally valid with that the applicant receive by Post.

In this situation, the Applicant can log on to the UIDAI website, and have to enter the Enrolment Number to get his/her E-Aadhar ई आधार कार्ड Letter downloaded to local computer. After downloading E-Aadhar Letter, the Applicant has to take the print out of the downloaded file, which is in .PDF Format.

Aadhar Card Print is easy and costs from Rs. 10 to Rs. 20 depending upon the location. Aadhar Card Print Out can serve you as Aadhar Card. Online Print decreases the time limit for Aadhar.

You can update your personal information from the same portal, which is free of cost as on now.
If you have any type of confusion or query you can just ask us in comments, we are always happy to help you.

Aadhaar Help

Many people are facing problems with aadhar card search by name. From getting enrolled to receive Aadhaar letter. Checking enrolment status. There lies a lot more problems. One problem is that they don’t know what to do. We are here to help you regarding your Aadhaar आधार issues and will give you the right information on what to do.

Aadhaar Helpline: You may contact UIDAI at their toll free number at 1800-300-1947 , if you have any problem persisting your aadhaar card.

Email : You can also email them with your issue at

Complaint: If your queries are left unanswered, do file a complaint, you can file a complaint on the following issues:
  • Aadhaar Letter not received
  • If Aadhaar not generated
  • Also if, Aadhaar rejected for invalid reasons
  • Incorrect information in Aadhaar card
  • Received tampered letter
  • Delivery of Aadhaar Card to incorrect recipient

You can file a complaint from here: Click here to file a complaint

To see total number of user having aadhar card go here:

Things covered in this topic:

  • Download aadhaar card copy
  • Aadhaar number search by name
  • Aadhar card online registration
  • Aadhar card download by name
  • Aadhaar card download duplicate copy online
  • E aadhar card online download
  • Aadhaar card status enquiry
  • How to know aadhaar number
Still, you can also share your problems with us. Do comment with your problem, we will be happy to answer you.


  1. Your website helped me a lot. Sir, after following your blog post about how to apply for aadhar card. I have successfully applied for one. Sir I want to know that after how much time I will get my aadhaar card. I am in hurry and want to get it as soon as possible. I am planning to apply for passport through it so that I can get my passport easily and fastly with in ten days.

    1. It's a pleasure to know that you are benefitted from my site.
      Coming to your question: AADHAAR card takes much time in arriving to your home, sometimes it take months. Keep checking the status of your aadhar card and see your aadhar no. is generated or not and then after your aadhar card is available online, download it from the uidai site. Then color print it on photo paper. Cut it of appropriate size and use it. This will work as original.

  2. How do I know when my Aadhaar card was issued? I need to fill this up in a form.

    1. If you have the bigger part of your aadhaar card not the one which you have cut to use as an identity card, you can find the date of issue just on the left of the address written perpendicularly.
      Note: If you have downloaded your card online then it may have different date on it. As the date printed is the same date when aadhar card is downloaded.

  3. Jitendar Sharma21 July 2015 at 09:46

    Is an Aadhar Card must to get a Passport of India?

    1. No, Aadhaar is not required on paper but rather once you enter inside the passport office the workers can make issue. You may even clear the TCS scanning level however they attempt to request for Aadhaar may come up when you reach the passport office level which is after the TCS clearing.
      If someone insists you too much on Aadhaar for providing a service or issuing a document then they are violating the Supreme Court order and it can be treated as contempt of court.

  4. Apart from the fact that UID/Aadhar will make it easier to track down criminals from the bio-metric information, what purpose does it serve? (as at all other places where we need to produce an ID proof, existing proofs are sufficient as a proof).

    1. Government has plan of having one document as a proof for all, that can be used everywhere.

  5. Indian Railways should be utilized Aadhar card extensively as optional until Supreme Court final positive verdicts.
    IRCTC should be developed software such as during booking after enter Aadhar no.Name,sex and age have to be automatically filled up .So as further booking made easy with Aadhar no.

  6. Hi
    I didn't received my Aadhhar Card... just took Print out from my enrolment
    I just want to confirm that..... I am having competition exam (Railway) that they have asked Aadhar number on from filling time,which i gave...but recently in one Bank they rejected my aadhar which was printed online its(original) my Railway examination will they accept My printed Aadhaar card pdf file I have saved.....its on coming saturday how can I manage to get

  7. I didn't received my Aadhhar Card. just took Print out my online Aadhhar.

    when i gave for one purpose the original downloaded aadhar they refused to take that. and they asked to give the printed aadhhar which got first i.e laminated. now please tell me how to get that Aadhhar card

    1. Who asked and refused? No one can refuse online printed e-aadhaar card.
      Take full size A4 print of your aadhaar card downloaded online and it is valid document.
      This is what government says "The issue has been considered and it has been decided that e-aadhaar is to
      be treated as a valid document in view of the fact that it has been digitally
      certified. The Information Technology. Act, 2000 provides for legal recognition of
      electronic records with digital signatures. The e-aadhaar document is digitally
      signed using certificate issued by NIC as per IT Act, 2000. Further, all the data
      printed in e-aadhaar letter, is the same data as printed in Aadhaar letter. In view
      of the above, e-aadhaar is a valid and secured electronic document which should
      be treated at par with printed Aadhaar letter."


  8. Do you know any Aadhar card or Ration card agents in Chennai? Thanks.


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