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Oppo Phones and Accessories Review

Oppo is a company that makes various electronic products, including the famous Oppo mobile phones. Oppo phones are one of China’s largest smartphone manufacturers and they have been around for nearly a decade. They even have an R&D center in California where they work on a new product called the Find X. It’s one of the fastest charging smartphones on the market, and it has a unique sliding design that you won’t see anywhere else. What makes this company interesting is that they are constantly trying to innovate and push their limits to make some truly unique products like the Find X.

Chinese smartphone goliath Oppo unveiled its first in-house chipset at its annual innovation event hosted in Shenzhen on Tuesday. The MariSilicon X chip disclosed — named after the Mariana Trench — is a neural processing unit that seeks to boost photo and video execution via machine learning.

Looking at the Oppo mobile phone reviews, you’d get an idea of how good their products are. There are different ranges of Oppo mobile phones based on price and features. The Oppo R series and the Oppo F series are the most popular ones, targeting the mid and high-end range respectively. The Oppo R9s is the latest model in their high-end range and is a powerful machine that can compete with any other flagship smartphone currently on the market.

Oppo is one of those brands that has successfully carved out a space for itself in the competitive smartphone market. What’s more interesting to know is that most of Oppo’s success has been driven by word-of-mouth publicity and not through massive advertising campaigns. That’s because the brand makes smartphones that are not just good-looking but also good at what they do. It offers high-end features.


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