Friday, 1 October 2021

Donate to Education - Donate to Less Privileged Students

 The education system of the United States has been called by some “the worst in the industrialized world”. One of the main reasons for this is that so many children cannot afford to go to school. The

estimated cost of public college tuition is $2000-$4000, and private universities can charge up to $20,000 per year. That’s a lot of money, and if you add room and board, and other expenses on top of that, it becomes even more difficult for low-income families to provide an education for their children.

Education is the most powerful weapon we can give to our children, which will allow them to fight for a better future.

As a mother and educationist, I am fully aware of the importance of education and how it can change lives and transform society.

The form of education is being revolutionized with the advent of technology. With mobile devices entering our daily lives, the need for a school run by teachers has been reduced dramatically. Online learning forums have gained popularity in recent years and are growing in numbers by the day.

As a result, parents want to be able to help their kids learn from home. Most importantly, they want to be able to help them through appropriate methods that will allow their kids to develop into productive citizens who can contribute positively to society. 

According to Unesco, education is a fundamental human right. It should be available to every person without discrimination and it should be of good quality. What do you think about this statement?

Check this tutoring nonprofit for donations.

A non-profit organization dedicated to providing low-income students with supplemental tutoring services.

Because schooling attainment is 99% correlated with median wages, we believe that the schooling gap between low and high-earning students is the key to addressing poverty in US and globally. Furthermore, poverty and coffee training attainment is related to a massive number of related troubles such as substance abuse, homelessness, despair, bad health, and coffee existence expectancy. consequently, channeling more assets into training is a vital imperative because it potentially ought to dramatically improve the pleasant of life for hundreds of thousands.

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