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Top 1 Best Training Institute in Dubai

Highly qualified teachers are employed by training centers in Dubai to aid students with their coursework and provide training courses that fit every student’s needs.

Below is a list of the best tutoring & training centers in Dubai with contact number, location, timings, and complete details to help readers find the right one near them.

Rolla Academy is the Best Training Insitute in Dubai
  • Address: 201, Al Tawhidi Building – 2 Al Mankhool Rd – Dubai
  • Founded: 1993
  • Contact: +971507801081 
  • 158 Reviews - 4.7/5.0 stars

WHY ROLLA ACADEMY is the best Training Institute in Dubai?

Dubai is the largest and most populous city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Coaching & training centers in Dubai deal with students in all grades and all types of curriculum, offering training in Management, English (reading & writing), IELTS, Accounting, Programming, Hardware and Networking, Graphic Designing, Autocad, CCNA, Primavera P6, MS Office, Arabic, IELTS, SAT and other vocational courses.

Tutoring & Training centers in Dubai are regulated by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

Wide Range of courses: At Rolla Institute, we provide a variety of courses under one roof – technology courses for IT students, Foreign Language Courses for students & professionals who would love to learn different languages for their respective reasons, business training courses for professionals, management courses for

individuals hailing from the corporate sector, and preparatory courses for different international exams. Expert faculty: Our teachers are certified and experienced. They enjoy challenges and value innovation. They empower the students with the knowledge, skills, and industrial training prerequisite for a successful career.

Flexible timings: As we cater to the needs of school/college students as well as the industry professionals, our

class timings are flexible. Our aim is to fulfill your needs to the best of our abilities. Student Centric learning: We understand that each student has different capabilities and needs. Hence we have opted for small class size to ensure that each student gets individual attention which will help in the stimulation of his / her intellect. These classes being student-centric result in better learning, which is our prime objective.

Best Training Institute in Dubai

The fields and their respective courses offered by The Rolla Academy are given below:


Popularly known as the “Language of Business”, accounting in a layman’s language is referred to as “A process of

recording, summarizing, analyzing, and recording financial transactions of an enterprise.” Developed

subsequently, over the years, the origin of accounting dates back to ancient civilizations and is an important aspect

of any business enterprise. Accounting is majorly divided into financial and management accounting and both

form an integral part of business accounting. We train students in different areas of accounting with a specialisation in the following subjects:



 QuickBooks

 Peachtree Course


 Accounting Combo (TALLY, Peachtree, QuickBooks)

 Manual Accounting


One of the rapidly emerging fields in the world, Designing courses are no more a taboo in our society. Students

from almost every branch are interested in learning this course and its widespread usage in about every area acts as a topping to the advantages of learning this course. The various designing courses offered the academy are listed below:

 Graphic Designing

 Interior and Exterior Designing

 Web Designing


 Coral Draw

 AutoCAD (MEP)

 AutoCAD (Mechanical)

 Revit (Structural)

 Revit (Architecture)

 VRAY for Architects and Interior Designers


A vast and developing field in the country, Hardware professionals look after computer hardware essentially

dealing with switches, wires, etc. Clubbed with Hardware, we have networking which works side by side,

subsequently solving major issues. Networking helps in connecting 2 or more computers, thereby assisting in

solving problems which cannot be resolved single-handedly. Apart from taking care of the computer and its

maintenance, hardware and networking professionals are also responsible for designing and supervising the

hardware manufacturing and installation. With an increasing growth in the use of laptops and computers, the

demand and scope for hardware and networking professionals has expanded to a much greater extent. The courses

offered by our academy under this field are:

 System Engineering Course

 CISCO Training- CCNA V3

 Networking

 Hardware and Networking

 Microsoft Exchange Server

 MCSE 2012

 Linux Level 1

 Linux Level 2

 Linux Level 3


With the companies eyeing opportunities on a global front and a subsequent uprise in the demand for jobs in

Multinational Companies, it gets essential for students and professionals to have a grip on the language, spoken

and used for communication, by a particular country. It not only leaves a positive impact on the recruiters but also

helps in developing self confidence during an interview. Moreover, candidates who are well versed with the

languages of various countries as well as their respective cultures have higher chances of getting selected. This

necessitates the need for an aptitude in soft skills and so our academy offers a variety in the same for all round

development. The different courses offered by us are as follows:

 Arabic

 Business English

 French



Management Courses inculcate within students the art of business handling. From the different types of skills required for the proper functioning of a company to the ability to look after various tasks from a business point of view,

precisely, creating business plans, negotiating and accounting, the management gives a broader understanding of the

skills required to succeed in business. Management studies encourage students to think rationally providing them with subject-specific knowledge in the areas of marketing, finance, customers, operations, information technology,

communication, and business strategies and policies. A few courses taught by our academy in this field are

specified below:

 Human Resource Management

 Tourism Management

 Hotel Management


In a world where almost every professional is well versed with the usage of electronics, more specifically, mobiles

and laptops, MS Office plays an important role in handling official documents. A very commonly used tool,

Microsoft Office is used in schools, colleges, work places and everywhere else for presenting data and

information. About 90% corporate professionals rely on this simple tool which makes it an essential tool for any

enterprise. It offers a number of sub-tools, some of which include Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The knowledge of

this basic tool makes tasks easier and helps in the working of various complex problems which get simpler when

handled on a computer or a laptop. We train students in the following MS Office tools:

 MS Word (Basic & Advance)

 MS Excel (Basic & Advanced)

 MS PowerPoint

 MS Outlook

 MS Access (Basic & Advanced)

 Internet

Rolla Academy Dubai
Al Tawhidi Building - 201 - 2 Al Mankhool Rd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


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