Monday, 26 March 2018 Check Ration Card Status, Ration Card Modification, Transfer of Existing Ration Card one Taluk to Taluk

Ration card is basically used for getting subsidized (low rate) food and fuel from the fair price shops. As per the Public Distribution System (PDS), government have issued the ration card.


For viewing status of ration card for Bangalore districts visit this link:

For viewing status of ration card for Belgaum and Mysore districts visit this link:

For viewing status of ration card for Bangalore and Gulbarga districts visit this link:

For getting the status of verification of ration card you need to enter Ration Card number and click on Go button. If you have any question or any doubt then you can send an email to:

Procedure For Modification Of Ration Cards

For making changes in existing Ration Card, the applicant needs to visit any nearest bio-photo centre. In rural areas for checking the validity status of the Ration Card, the card holders should visit their Gram Panchayat computer center office.

If due to some reason the Applicant's Ration Card is cancelled or details not found then the applicant cannot do any modification. Applicants can apply online for getting a new Ration Card. If the Applicant have a valid Ration Card then he/she can make following changes:

1. Address can be changed
2. Members can be added or deleted from the Ration Card
3. Photo can be updated
4. Family details can be changed if required 

Applicants need to show their recent electricity bill and other valid documents for making any modification. The modifications in Ration Card are done, saved and uploaded online at the bio-photo center. Now applicants need to collect a computer generated printed acknowledgement at the bio-photo center.

For a Permanent Ration Card, the head of the family need to visit the concerned Food Office along with the acknowledgement received at the photo center. Now the applicant can get his/her ration card printed and receive it after matching his/her fingerprint biometric. 

For a Temporary Ration Card, the applicant need to visit Food Office after receiving an SMS from Food Office to collect his/her modified ration card. 

For collecting modified ration card at the Food Office the applicant needs to submit his/her active Ration Card. The applicant will get modified Ration Card only after matching the fingerprint biometric of the head of the family. The applicant needs to pay only Rs. 20 for getting Ration Card at the Food Office.

Transfer of Existing Ration Card From One Taluk / Range to a Different Taluk / Range

For transferring Ration Card from one Taluk / Range to a different Taluk / Range, applicant needs to provide a Permanent Ration Card. The applicant need to submit an Application along with his/her existing ration card for transfer at the Food Office from where the card is issued. Now the applicant can transfer it online to the required Taluk / Range. 

The applicant must mention the correct name of the District & Taluk / Range to which he/she wants to be transferred. Now the applicant needs to collect a computer generated, printed surrender certificate. Now the applicant should visit a bio-photo service center in his/her New Taluk along with his/her Surrender Certificate. Now the applicant needs to open his/her ration card details online, update his/her address, RR number, member details etc at the photo center only. After that applicant should collect a computer generated, printed acknowledgement. Now the applicant should visit concerned food office along with the acknowledgement received at the photo center and get your new ration card.

ahara karnataka ration card is meant to be used by people who need assistance in buying basic food necessities. So please make sure you help those poor people who cannot afford basic necessities.

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