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UP Scholarship Form and Status 2018

Uttar Pradesh Scholarship online application form registration and status 2018. UP government invites students from different streams and classes to apply
for the scholarship provided by the government. The scholarship is given to all the communities and is bound to only one criteria that is the income of the parents/guardian.

UP Scholarship

Last date for class 9th and 10th : 15 July 2018
Last date for 11th and 12th: 15 July 2018
Last date for graduate and post graduate is: 30 July 2018

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UP Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

All General , OBC, SC , ST Candidates of UP Are Eligible to Fill the Scholarship Form that means almost all students can apply except those whose parents/guardian earning is more than 2 Lakhs Rupees.
Pre-matric Class 9 : Passed Class 8 (Eight) Examination from Any recognized college.
Pre-matric Class 10 : Passed Class 9 Exam in Any Recognized College
Post Matric : Enrolled in Class 11 or Class 12 Exam in any Recognized College of UP, India.
Dashmottar : Enrolled in any College, University, Institute Recognized By Government of Uttar Pradesh.

All the students are hereby requested to apply for the up scholarship as soon as possible and share the details with the needy students. It has also been seen that students who do not require scholarship and apply using fake income certificate. All students having guardians/parents earning more than 2 lakh are requested not to apply and give needy students the chance of benefiting from the scholarship. 

Scholarship amount is limited and if all the students apply, some will not get the scholarship and sometimes the one who really need the scholarship do not receive it. While others who are already living a good life get the money and then use it for unnecessary purpose.

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