Sunday, 24 January 2016

Linking Voter ID And Aadhaar Card at

Link Aadhaar Card to Voter ID with this quick and easy guide

Everyone knows that the Voter List is very messed up. Due to the very huge population, it becomes difficult to update it. Which is why many people's names remain on it even after their deaths.
Also there are a lot of fake records in it as well. The government wants to tackle this problem using the Aadhaar Card. It is asking every citizen to link Aadhaar Card to their Voter ID so that bogus names can be removed from the electoral roll and we can get a more clear view of the voting statistic.

So we have compiled an easy guide to link Aadhaar Card to Voter ID through NVSP service. You can do this in the following ways

Link Aadhaar Card to Voter ID through online portals (Portal Seeding)

This is the simplest and easiest method to accomplish linking of Aadhaar Card to Voter ID. This can be done by the following steps:

  • Go to the Aadhaar Linking page situated here one of the National Voters' Service Portal (NVSP) services.

    link aadhaar card with voter id card

  • Fill in the details like Name, Age etc or just the EPIC no and click on 'Search'.

  • If the details were entered right, you will see your details in a row. There is a chance that your information was not added to the database, or there is a problem accessing it. So try it a few times before closing.

    link aadhar card with voter id card

  • Then click on 'Feed Aadhaar No'. Fill in the given details and click 'Submit'

  • After this has been done you will receive a message “Your request for Aadhaar Number with Electoral Database has been successfully registered”

There are state portals as well for Andhra Pradesh & Telangana and Bihar. We will update this post with more state portals as they come.

Link Aadhaar Card to Voter ID through SMS

To link Aadhaar Card through SMS, all you have to do is send the following SMS
ECILINK <EPIC NO.> <AADHAAR NO.> to 166 or 51969

Link Aadhaar Card to Voter ID through other methods

There are other methods to link Aadhaar Card besides the two above:
  • Nationwide Camps will be organised by the ERO's from 12th April 2015
  • Booth Level Officers will be doing a door to door service for the linking

This post will be further updated as things change. Stay Tuned.

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